Hi. We are Coza.

  • Design and innovation mark our history.
  • We are proud of our past.
  • But we don't get attached to it.
  • We always look for the new.
  • We offer experiences and solutions.
  • Surprising.
  • Creativity guides our way of being.
  • We promote a lighter and more inspiring way of living day to day.
  • Transforming people's lives through design.

Coza. New. Ideas. Always.

Coza is Design. Awarded.

We are proud of gathering more than 50 national and international awards in different categories. Combining form and function is at our core. And that translates into aesthetically beautiful and unique products that, above all, meet the practical needs of people's daily lives.

Coza é Design. Premiado. Coza é Design. Premiado.

Coza is Innovation.

We are constantly looking for new possibilities. We bring new solutions to people and the world - this goes for products, processes, and everything that encompasses the Coza universe. We are pioneers.

Coza é Inovação. Coza é Inovação.

100% health:
BPA Free

All of our products are BPA (bisphenol) free in their composition. Even when heated or cooled, Coza products do not put your health or the health of your family at risk.

100% saúde BPA Free. 100% saúde BPA Free.

Coza is Sustainability.

We do not use single-use plastics in our production. The main source of raw material (polypropylene and polystyrene) used in the production of our products is 100% recyclable, resistant, of continuous use and reusable. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. Always.

Coza é Sustentabilidade. Coza é Sustentabilidade.

Plastic reuse.

All of our parings from the injection process is 100% reused in new products in the black color of sink, bath and organization lines. There are approximately 100 products that are 100% made of raw material from reuse.

Reaproveitamento de plástico. Reaproveitamento de plástico.

Eco-efficient operation.

We minimize production impacts. Through our rainwater catchment system, we have the capacity to store 1 million liters of water. 100% of the effluent is treated and reused in manufacturing processes, from operation to sanitary discharge.

Operação ecoeficiente. Operação ecoeficiente.

Incentive to the recycling chain.

When we talk about sustainable development, we understand that it goes beyond environmental protection. It is a set of practices that involves the operation, the products and the people. Since 2021, we have become part of the EU Reciclo environmental compensation program, actively investing in Brazil's recycling chain.

Incentivo à reciclagem. Incentivo à reciclagem.